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Graph y = a cos(x) + d (Quiz)

Directions: 1) Note the cosine function displayed in green in the upper right hand corner of the applet. 2) Move each of the 5 red points up and/or down so that the red wave that passes through these 5 points is the EXACT GRAPH of the purple equation displayed. (There may be times when the red graph will disappear--and that's okay. It'll reappear as you continue to move these points.) 3) Once you graph the displayed function correctly, the entire graph will turn purple and a "NICE JOB !!!" box will appear. 4) Click on the "Generate New Function to Graph" to display a new equation. 5) Repeat steps (1) - (3). Then repeat step (4). 6) Complete this activity as many times as you need in order to master this concept! **For extra practice with graphing functions of the form "y = a sin(x) + d", go to