Scatter Plot and Best Fit Line

[size=100]Create a Scatter Plot and conduct a Two Variable Regression Analysis for a given data set. Explore how outliers affect the best fit line.[/size]
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[size=100]Drag the points and explore how outliers affect the best fit line of a data set.[/size]
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Construction Steps
[table][tr][td][size=100]1.[/size][/td][td][size=100][/size][/td][td][size=100]In the [i]Spreadsheet View[/i], enter the following data values into the cells of column [i]A[/i]:[br][i]A1:      [/i][font=Courier New]1[/font][i]         A2:      [/i][font=Courier New]5[/font][i]         A3:      [/i][font=Courier New]2[/font][i]         A4:      [/i][font=Courier New]8[/font][i]         A5:      [/i][font=Courier New]-2[/font][br][/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][br][/td][td][br][/td][td][size=100][u]Hint[/u]: Always evaluate your input by hitting the [i]Enter[/i] key.[/size][br][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100]2.[/size][/td][td][size=100][/size][/td][td][size=100]Enter the following numbers into the spreadsheet cells of column [i]B[/i]:[br][i]B1:[/i]      [font=Courier New]-1[/font]       [i]B2:[/i]      [font=Courier New]2[/font]         [i]B3:[/i]      [font=Courier New]3[/font]         [i]B4:[/i]      [font=Courier New]4[/font]         [i]B5:[/i]      1[/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100]3.[/size][/td][td][size=100][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_createlistofpoints.png[/icon][br][/size][/td][td][size=100]Create a Scatter Plot from this data: Highlight all cells of columns [i]A[/i] and [i]B[/i] that contain data. Then, select the tool[i] List of Points[/i] from the [i]Spreadsheet View Toolbar[/i] and click [button_small]Create[/button_small] in order to create points from your data set.[br][/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][br][/td][td][br][/td][td][size=100][u]Note[/u]: The values in column [i]A[/i] determine the x-coordinates and the values in column [i]B[/i] specify the y-coordinates of the plotted points.[/size][br][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100][/size][/td][td][size=100][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_translateview.png[/icon][/size][/td][td][size=100][u]Hint[/u]: You might want to use tool [i]Move Graphics View[/i] if not all five points are visible in the [i]Graphics View[/i].[/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100]4.[/size][/td][td][size=100][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_fitline.png[/icon][/size][/td][td][size=100]Select the [i]Best Fit Line[/i] tool from the [i]Graphics View Toolbar[/i]. Create the line that best fits your data points by using a selection rectangle that contains all data points plotted.[br][/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][br][/td][td][br][/td][td][size=100][u]Hint[/u]: Create a selection rectangle by clicking in the upper left corner of the [i]Graphics View[/i] and steadily sliding your mouse to the lower right corner of the [i]Graphics View[/i]. Make sure that all data points lie within the selection rectangle.[/size][br][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100]5.[/size][/td][td][size=100][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_move.png[/icon][/size][/td][td][size=100][u]Exploration[/u]: Using this construction you can easily demonstrate how outliers affect the best fit line of a data set. Select the [i]Move[/i] tool and drag one of the points in order to create an outlier.[br][/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][br][/td][td][br][/td][td][size=100][u]Hint[/u]: You can also change the initial data directly in the [i]Spreadsheet View[/i].[/size][br][/td][/tr][/table]

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