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Exploring Translations 6

Question Awesome

Select the point Toolbar Image tool. Translate the figure using the rule . What does this mean you ask? Consider a point such as A, which is at (-6,-1). Apply the rule by adding 3 to the x and adding 4 to the y. This results in (-3,3) for our new A. Make this point, and apply the rule to all of the rest of the points. Click on the polygon Toolbar Image tool and click all four points you just drew - then click on the first point you clicked again to make a polygon. If it doesn't look identical to the first one (except that it's pink because in my world, images are pink and preimages are brown), your need to try again.

Good work so far! You are well on your way to becoming a transformations wizard! Ready for your next spell? Check your answers, then move on to Exploring Reflections 1.