3D Kerbolar System Scale Model (customizable)

commented outThis model displays an accurate layout of the KSP system from game-start (UT=0, or universal time 0) to as much as 500 in-game years (and far beyond with a little tweaking). AN/DN, Pe/Ap, and SOI, as well as body size and atmosphere of all bodies are included (moons too). Users should feel free to download a copy and modify it to suit their purposes. Known issues: - Body in "Focus View" drop-down often needs to be selected twice in order to display the target body at intended zoom level. - viewVector object not working properly in scripts (commented out) - Discrepancy between JS syntax accepted by the web app and desktop versions causing error in web app. Not sure of reason, no "proper fix" at this time. Simple workaround is here. More information available at the KSP forums.