Finsler-Hadwiger Action!!!

[color=#000000]In the applet below, simply slide the slider very slowly and enjoy the phenomena you witness. [br][br]After doing so, feel free to adjust the [b][color=#38761D]green [/color][/b]and [b][color=#BF9000]yellow[/color][/b] sliders to change the sizes of the [b][color=#38761D]green [/color][/b]and [b][color=#BF9000]yellow[/color][/b] squares, respectively. You can also change the locations of any of the white points. [br][br]Interact with this applet for a few minutes. Then answer the questions that follow. [/color][br][br]
Write the phenomena you've witnessed several times as a conditional ("if-then") statement.
Can you use coordinate geometry to formally prove what this applet informally illustrates? [br](For starters, why not let the common vertex be (0,0) and go from there?)

Information: Finsler-Hadwiger Action!!!