y=mx+c Activity Fractions

Activity 1 Use this activity to practice drawing straight line graphs from equations. First deselect the Show Graph box, and press the New Graph button to generate a random equation of a straight line. Move the red point and the blue point until you have created the graph of the equation you generated. Now, check your answer by selecting the Show Graph box. Does it line up with the graph you drew? Repeat the whole process (remember to deselect the Show Graph box each time). You can also choose to use fractions in the gradients and constants. For an extra challenge switch the equation that is shown to the less familar ax+by=c form. Activity 2 You can also use this activity to practice working out equations from given lines. Make sure the Show Graph box is selected, and deselect both the Show Equation boxes. Press the New Graph button and a random straight line graph will appear. Can you give the equation of this line? To check your answer simply select one of the Show Equation boxes (you might want to use the gradient and y-intercept boxes to help). Repeat the process, remembering to remove the equation first.