Trig Transformations

Welcome! Let's explore what [i]a, b, c,[/i] and [i]d[/i] do in [math]f(x) = a \sin (b x + c \pi) + d[/math] or [math]f(x) = a \cos (b x + c \pi) + d[/math].[br][br]For rounds 1-3, use the sliders to control the green function. [br]It might be easier to use the keyboard arrows than the mouse. [br][br]After that, type into the input boxes.[br][br]When you're getting closer, your score will go up; a max score is 100.[br][br]Press 'reset?' if your function gets away from you.[br][br]Enter your name to begin. Enjoy!
Need more help? Try the rulers to help you measure. Move the tail first.

Information: Trig Transformations