Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the gathering take place?
The gathering will take place in Linz at the Johannes Kepler University (Science Park 3).[br][color=#444444][br]Location:[/color] [url=,14.32365,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47739842ac232c83:0x68195871f83dd143?hl=en]Altenberger Straße 69, 4040 Linz, Austria[br][br][/url][br]Hotel Sommerhaus[br]Location: [url=,14.323495,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4773986a28953695:0xdbeaa216358bb224?hl=en]Julius-Raab-Straße 10, 4040 Linz, Austria[/url]
How to get there?
[b][size=85]BY PLANE[/size][/b][br][size=85]The [url=]Blue Danube Airport[/url] is at the gates of the city, just 20 minutes away from the centre.[br][br]The city and the gathering venue can be easily reached by follwing services:[/size][br][list][*][size=85]Taxi[/size][/*][/list][size=85]        Linzer Taxi: +43 732 2244[br]        Grüne Funk-Taxi: +43 732 6969[br]        Gelbe Funk-Taxi: +43 732 3344[br]        RTS Taxi: +43 732 610388[br]        Taxi Vondrak: +43 732 610388[br][br][/size][list][*][size=85]Blue Danube Airport Lines[br][/size][/*][/list]     [size=85]  The airport bus No. 601 links the airport to the centre of Linz. Journey time: 22 minutes[br] [url=]Info and Tickets[/url][br] [url=]Timetable Bus Blue Danube Airport - Central Station Linz[/url][/size][br]              [br][br][b][size=85]BY TRAIN[/size][br][/b][size=85][url=]ÖBB - Austrian Federal Railways[/url][br]The ÖBB offers connections from the whole of Austria and neighbouring countries. The main station is close to the centre and directly linked to all major transport routes.[/size][br][br][size=85][url=]Westbahn[/url][br]WESTbahn Management GmbH is a private railway company, which has provided passenger transport connections between Vienna and Salzburg since December 2011.[/size][br][size=85][br]Take tram 1 or 2 in the direction of "Universität" from the main train station in Linz to get to the gathering venue.[br]Duration: appox. 25 minutes[br][url=]Linz AG Linien[br][/url][url=]Linz Tram map[/url][br][br][b]BY CAR[/b][/size][br][size=85]Motorway (A1) from Munich - Salzburg, Vienna - Budapest[br]Motorway (A8) from Passau - Regensburg[br]Motorway (A7) from Prague[/size]
What is included in the registration fee?
The registration fee includes admission to all gathering sessions, gathering proceedings, detailed program including participant list, lunch/meal vouchers and morning and afternoon refreshment breaks.[br][br]
Where can I make hotel reservations?
Reservations for [url=]Hotel Sommerhaus [/url]takes place exclusively through the online registration system.[br][br]If you do not wish to stay at Hotel Sommerhaus, please book a hotel of your own choice.[br]
How do I register for the conference dinner?
Registration for the conference dinner must be done in advance through the [url=]online registration system[/url].[br][br]
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations made within 7 days of registration will be refunded in full and are not subject to a cancellation charge. Participants are not able to attend will still be responsible for the full registration fee. Participants have the right to appoint a substitute at any time without additional cost having notified the gathering office.[br][br]Cancellation and change requests must be sent by email to [][/url] and include the registrants full name, invoice number and bank/ credit card details.[br][br]
Is there parking available at the venue?
Johannes Kepler University operates two separate parking lots (the main campus parking lot and the Science Park parking lot) as well as one underground parking garage (Science Park). [br]Please note that the parking fee is €1 per each newly started half hour.[br][br]
Do I need a Visa to enter Austria?
Austria is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Convention. EU-citizens require an official ID to enter Austria. Citizens from non-EU countries are advised to obtain information about the regulations governing entry into Austria applicable to their country before starting their trip. It is still mandatory to carry an ID (passport).[br][br]Information on passport and visa requirements for Austria: [url=]Foreign Ministry[/url][br][br]For EU citizens, the regulations applicable within the European Union apply. Travellers from non-European countries require a valid passport that entitles them to a three-month stay in Austria. Visitors from these countries may only import “personal travel goods” customs-free, i.e. such goods as they need on a temporary basis for their personal use or consumption or to exercise their profession.[br][br][url=]More information[/url]

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