How to Construct the Game?

1. Open the Geogebra. 2. Show the coordinate system and major gridlines. 3. Construct a slider with the fixed value of 54. ( It represents the circumference of the circle that we will construct.) 4. Put a point on the intersection point of x and y axis. 5. Use this point and the slider to construct a circle. 6. Construct a vector with any 2 points on x-axis to place the runner figures on the moving points. 7. Put two points on the circle representing the runners. ( F and G) 8. Use the vector translation to translate runner points to the left and right. These left and right points will be used for placing the runner figures. 9. Construct a slider to show the change in velocity of runner 1. Do the same for runner 2. 10. Set the values of the sliders from 0 to 12 and increasing rate for the first runner will be 1 and for the runner 2, it will be 2. 11. Define the circumference of the circle as 2.r.(pi). 12. Take the intersection points between circle and y-coordinate. 13. Create a button to start animation and write AnimasyonuBaslat(F,G) 14. Create a button to stop animation and write AnimasyonuBaslat(False) 15. Create a button to reset for runners to be the starting point and write DegeriVer(G,I) and DegeriVer(F,I).  (I:Reset point) 16. Finally download the pictures of runners that you prefer and drag them into the working page. 17. Match the picture points with the points that mentioned in step 8. 18. Youır game is ready! 19. ENJOY!