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Motion Graphs

Enter the equation for velocity: note that if your equation is in the form v = 1/2 t^2 - 3 you will need to replace "t" with "x" 1. Check the right end of the input box - is there an up-down arrow? If YES - Click on the up arrow and select : velocity(x)=If[x>0,1/2x^2-3] Notice that the condition If[x>0, ] is so the graph begins at time x=0 If NO - type the above into the input box : velocity(x)=If[x>0,1/2x^2-3] 2. Edit the input by replacing the equation part : for example : velocity v = t^2 modify input to velocity(x)=If[x>0,x^2] 3. Click enter - graphs and equations for velocity, displacement (integral) and acceleration (derivative) will be displayed 4. Note equations can be turned on/off the display by clicking on the dot at the left of each equation 5. When entering trig. functions use parentheses e.g. sin(2x)