Angles of Different Triangles

The content being targeted on this geogebra worksheet is identifying different types of triangles and their given number of angles specific to that triangle.

Tasks and Guiding Questions: 1. Knowing that these are three different triangles, how do they differ? How are they alike? 2. What are the different names for these three triangles based on their angles, and sides? 3. Are exterior angles of triangles different than the interior angles of triangles? Why or why not? 4. How would you find the exterior angles for the triangles? 5. Find the exterior angles for the triangles. (click the polygon tool and construct a triangle clockwise on top of the given triangles, then press the angle button and click on the inside of the triangle.) 6. If you were to print the worksheet out and did not know the angles, how could you find the triangles angles? 7. Provide a different triangle other than these three and find its interior and exterior angles. (click the polygon tool and construct a triangle, for interior angles construct the triangle counter clock wise and for exterior angles construct the triangle clockwise, click on the inside of the triangle) 8. How are angles for triangles different than other polygons? 9. Grab a side of the triangle and move it around the grid. 10. By manipulating the triangles, do the triangle's angles change? If so, why?