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Parallelograms Investigation

Use this application to learn about the properties of a parallelogram. Record your answers on the Google Doc.

The object is a parallelogram.

After you complete each step, feel free to undo each measurement so you can start fresh at each step. This might be easier, or else you'll have a complicated diagram at the end of the investigation.
  1. Use the distance feature (located under the angle icon [4th from the right]) to measure all the sides. What do you notice about the opposite sides?
  2. Use the angle measure feature (located under the angle feature icon [4th from the right]) to measure each angle of the parallelogram. What do you notice about opposite angles?
  3. Find the sum of two consecutive angles (like angles A and B). Then find the sum of two different consecutive angles. What do you notice about the sums of consecutive angles?
  • Using the segment feature (under the line line feature icon [3rd from the left]), draw the diagonals of the parallelogram.
  • Use the intersection feature (located under the point icon [2nd from the left]) to find the intersection point of the parallelogram's diagonals.
  • Use the distance feature to measure the distance from each vertex to the intersection point.
  • What is true about the intersection point?
You're all done with your parallelogram investigation! Good work!!