Number theory, The Childern’s University and encryption of messages
Jaroslav Hora, University of West Bohemia[br][br]
Dětská univerzita a šifrování

Minutes of the First Workshop

[br][b]Saturday, 26. 11. 2016[/b][b] [br][br]Conclusions from discussion of the Czech part of the project team on the further course of the project in spring 2017 [/b][br][br][b]1. Workshops [/b][br]Two workshops (2[sup]nd[/sup] and 3[sup]rd[/sup]) are planned for spring 2017.[br]2[sup]nd[/sup] workshop:March 31 – April 1, South Bohemia (considered locations: Český Krumlov, Třeboň, Nové Hrady)[br]3[sup]rd[/sup] workshop:June, Austria[br][br][b]2. Research[/b][br]Research within the project is focused on this question:[b] "[/b]What factors affect the interest of pupils in technology and natural science?"[br][br]Preparation of survey questions on the Czech part: Jitka Nováková and Pavel Kolář (Tábor) – in coordination with Austrian part of the team (Judith Hohenwarter, Carolin Kern) (to share at least some questions)[br][br]What kind of research? – Qualitative[br][br]How many students? – Lower and upper secondary schools, local schools of each involved school, the end of lower secondary school (15), 2[sup]nd[/sup] year of upper secondary school (17)[br][br]What way of testing questions? – With the use of computer or paper forms – Both ways will be used.[br][br]We are prepared to realize Carolin’s research also in the South Bohemia, if she provides final forms (in German, Jan Fiala will translate them into Czech)[br][br][b]3. Involving of companies[/b][br]Alice Gregová from the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce will address (3) selected companies. Some of the project team members will visit them and establish cooperation. Representatives will be invited to the 2[sup]nd[/sup] workshop.[br][br][b]4. Seminar for local teachers[/b][br]February (? 2[sup]nd[/sup]) or the beginning of March,[br]České Budějovice: Seminar for the South Bohemian secondary school teachers. Representatives[br]of companies will be invited there for brief presentations of productive[br]processes of their companies. [br][br][b]5. Seminars for pupils[/b][br]Seminars for lower and upper secondary school pupils will be organized separately because of different levels of skills, knowledge and interest.[br]Initiatory visit of Techmania Science Center in Plzeň ([url=http://techmania.cz]http://techmania.cz[/url]).[br]One day for each group, divided into two parts, practical (visit of a company) and theoretical (solving of particular problems).[br][br][b]6. Final form of teaching materials[/b][br]Form of the materials will be set during 1[sup]st[/sup] year of the project in cooperation of both national parts of the project team. Materials could be supplemented with worksheets.[br][br][b]7. Public popularization of connection of mathematics to technology and natural sciences[/b][br]2 popularization action during the project will be organized for the public. [br][br][br]

MatemaTech II - Tentative Timeline: YEAR 1

Fall 2016 (September - November)
[b]Companies[br][/b][list][*]Contact Chamber of Industry[/*][*]Initiate contacts to companies[/*][/list][br][b]Research [/b][br]Development of research design[br][br][b]Schools[/b][br]Invite schools for cooperation[br][br][b]Events [/b][br]Planning of events for project year 1[br][list][*]2 teacher seminars[/*][*]2 student camps[/*][*]1 public event[/*][/list][br][b]1. Project Meeting[/b][br]November 25 / 26 in Hluboká nad Vltavou, Czech Republic
Winter 2016 / 2017 (December - February)
[b]Companies[/b][br]Contact companies and collect their ideas / suggested topics[br][br][b]Materials - Topic I[/b][br][list][*]Collection of Ideas for topic I (first company)[/*][*]Planning of topic I materials[/*][/list][br][b]Schools[/b][br]Find schools for cooperation[br][br][b]Research[/b][br]Preparation of initial surveys and interviews
Spring 2017 (March - May)
[b]Research[/b][br]Conduct initial surveys and interviews with company representatives, teachers and students and analyze data[br][br][b]Materials - Topic I[/b][br]Development of student materials for topic I (first company idea)[br] [br][b]Events [/b][br][list][*]JKU Student camps: Young Scientists[/*][*]JKU Teacher Seminars: GeoGebra professional development[/*][/list][br][b]2. Project Meeting[/b][br][list][*]AT?[/*][*]March / April?[br][/*][/list]
Summer 2017 (June - August)
[b]Materials - Topic I[/b][br][list][*]Planning of pedagogical commentary for topic I materials[/*][*]Write-up of methodological and didactical commentary for materials[/*][/list][br][b]Research[/b][br]Create surveys for students’ materials testing and teacher experiences in schools[br][br][b]Events[/b][br][list][*]JKU Student camps: KinderUni at JKU - pilot testing of student materials of topic I[/*][*]1. Public Event: July 2017 GeoGebra Global Gathering[/*][*]JKU Teacher seminars: GeoGebra professional development at Global Gathering[/*][*]Planning of events for project year 2 (2 teacher seminars, 2 student camps, 1 public event)[br][/*][/list][br][b]3. Project Meeting[/b][br][list][*]CZ[br][/*][*]Date?[/*][/list]

MatemaTech - Suggested Research Design

Link to presentation: [url=https://prezi.com/34pxq-rsnqcs/research-design-matematech/]MatemaTech: Research design[/url]