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Special Hyperboloid of 2 Sheets as a Locus

The following applet illustrates a hyperboloid of 2 sheets. The equation of this particular hyperbola is . Note: This applet will only work if the blue point is on the sheet containing V_2. V_1, V_2 = vertices F_1, F_2 = foci How does the action you see here compare with the action seen here? To explore in Augmented Reality, see the directions below this applet.


1) Open up GeoGebra 3D app on your device. 2) Go to MENU (3 horizontal bars in upper left hand corner). 3) Select OPEN. Under search, type the ID of this resource (from URL): EqPEJXKw 4) The a and b sliders control the overall shape and appearance of this hyperboloid of 2 sheets. Slide the slider h to animate the geometric property.