Internet Safety

Give the three most important online safety topics for teenagers and parents depicted in the graphic.

Choose three topics which are, in your opinion, the most important. Discuss them with your partner and write them down.

Find out how  many teenagers and how many parents were questioned ( “More Information”)

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Consider the following questions:

  • Do you think this survey is representative?
  • Which parameters are important?
  • Is there any possibility to measure the representativity of a survey?
Find useful informations in the links and pdf-file below. Discuss the questions with your partner and write down your opinion. (Additional Information: Inhabitants of the USA in 2016: 323,3 Millions)

Was ist eine representative Umfrage?

Konfidenzintervall (confidence section)

Stelle den Parameter auf 95% bzw. 0,95 und lasse die Wahrscheinlichkeit p bei 0,4. Wie verändert sich der Erwartungswert (expectation value) wenn man den Stichprobenumfang erhöht? Erinnere dich auch an die Formel E(X) = np

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Set the Parameter on 0,95 and set the probability p on 0,4. Can you detect any change in the deviation (Abweichung) of the confidence section?

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I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

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