CA-Project1: Linear Model on the Oil Basket Price

Use this grid to draw the graph for your linear model on the OPEC Oil Basket Price graph. The red line is already active as an interactive tool here. Drag point A to a point on the graph that you can easily approximate coordinates for. Drag point B to a different point elsewhere on the price graph. The line will automatically ajdust between your two points. You may change the position of either or both points until you think you have a good match between the line and the general trend shown on the price graph.

Use the File menu, Export As... "Graphics view as Picture (png)" to save an image file to your computer. Set the set the Scale in cm to 1:2 and the resolution to 72dpi to keep the image size as small as possible. You will then be able to insert this graph image into a document file as you write up the rest of the project results.