Circumcircle of a Triangle

[size=100]Create a triangle with the vertices [i]A[/i], [i]B[/i], [i]C[/i] and construct its circumcircle.[/size]
Explore the completed construction
[size=100]Drag the vertices of the triangle and observe the modifications to the construction.[br][/size]
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Create the construction yourself
Construction Steps
[table][tr][td][size=100]1.[/size][/td][td][size=100][icon][/icon][/size][/td][td][size=100]Choose the tool [i]Polygon[/i] from the [i]Toolbar[/i]. Now counter-clockwisely click on the [i]Graphics View[/i] three times to create the vertices [i]A[/i], [i]B[/i], and [i]C[/i]. Close the triangle by clicking on point [i]A[/i] again.[/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100]2.[/size][/td][td][size=100][icon][/icon][/size][/td][td][size=100]Select the tool [i]Perpendicular Bisector[/i] and construct two line bisectors by consecutively clicking on two sides of the triangle.[br][/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][br][/td][td][br][/td][td][size=100][u]Hint[/u]: If a tool is not displayed in the [i]Toolbar[/i] by default, you may want to look for it in the toolboxes.[/size][br][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100]3.[/size][/td][td][size=100][icon][/icon][/size][/td][td][size=100]Using the tool [i]Intersect[/i] you can successively click on the line bisectors to create the center of your triangle’s circumcircle.[br][/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][br][/td][td][br][/td][td][size=100][u]Hint[/u]: By default, the intersection point is named [i]D[/i].[/size][br][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100]4.[/size][/td][td][size=100][icon][/icon][/size][/td][td][size=100]Select the tool [i]Circle with Center through Point[/i]. Click first on the center point [i]D[/i], then on any vertex of the triangle to create the circumcircle.[/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100]5.[/size][/td][td][size=100][icon][/icon][br][/size][/td][td][size=100]Using the [i]Move[/i] tool you can now use your mouse to drag the triangle vertices - your construction will change dynamically while you move them.[br][/size][/td][/tr][tr][td][size=100][/size][/td][td][size=100][icon][/icon][/size][/td][td][size=100][u]Hint[/u]: In order to move the whole construction within the [i]Graphics View[/i], select the tool [i]Move Graphics View[/i] and simply drag it around.[/size][/td][/tr][/table]