Creating the Game


Construction Steps

1. Firstly, it is founded some exponential numbers relevant to the objective in 7th grade curriculum. 2. Then, it is founded a board game design (a picture) on Internet. 3. The media is added to Geogebra File via dragging the picture to the file 4. Then it is constructed a textbox to write exponential numbers by using Toolbar Image icon 5. While writing, it is chosen a Latex Formula to be able to write exponential numbers 6. It is clicked right on the textbox and chosen settings to change the color of the exponential numbers 7. In settings, it is also clicked right on the exponential and chosen "text" to change the size the of the exponential numbers( We chose size as medium) 8. It is clicked steps part in GeoGebra file and it is written "a random letter= a random number (ex: v=25)" in the entry 9. You will create slider if you click to somewhere else on page 10. It is clicked right on slider and chosen settings 11. It is chosen slider and determined the maximum and minimum values that slider can have(Be sure that you click the fixed button) 12. It is chosen input fieldToolbar Image
13. You can write it as it is shown in the above picture 14. Then, it is clicked right on the input field and chosen settings and clicked "styles" to make your size entry smaller (we chose 5 as our input entry ) 15. It is clicked toToolbar Image then, you can write something there( We wrote "Keep Trying") 16. It is clicked right on the textbox that is created as explained above and changed color of it. 17. It is also clicked right on the textbox and chosen settings then, it is clicked "scripting" and "updated" 18. Then, you can write the formula in the scripting as shown in below
19. Then, you can write a value to the input field as your answer. To check whether your formula works or not, you can click the" Keep trying" button 20. If it doesn't work, you can check the letters in the step 12 and 18. They should be the same letter. 21. You can repeat the steps that is explained above for each exponential number to create the game(Since we have 15 exponential number, we repeated these steps 15 times) You can try this steps in the following GeoGebra file to learn the construction steps. This file is our half work of the game you can try to complete it.

Try the Steps