Graphing Parametric Functions

To use, type in the parametric equation components in the provided boxes. The blue function is the [math]x[/math] component, the red function is the [math]y[/math] component. On the left viewing window, the blue dot will follow the [math]x[/math] value and the red dot will follow the [math]y[/math] value. The purple dot will follow the [math]x[/math] and [math]y[/math] values at the same time, thus will trace out a graph of the parametric function!

Click on "Show Position Vector" to hide/unhide the vector-value of the parametric function. To see the velocity and acceleration vectors, check/uncheck the corresponding boxes. [CTRL+] and [CTRL-] will zoom in and out, respectively. Holding down [CTRL] and dragging will move the axes. Applet Updated 06.20.2013 - Functions can now be input in terms of t. Applet Updated 03.31.2014 - Works with the current version of Geogebra.