Sine Law Ambiguous Case

This is an SSA triangle, where 'A' is the angle, and where 'b' and 'a' are the sides. Move the sliders to change these values. Start by seeing how changing the length of 'a; can create different situations. Then see how you can make this happen by changing the length of 'b' or the size of angle 'A'. Then try to answer the questions below in your notes.
1. What are the different number of triangles that are potentially created by different 'a', 'b' and 'A' values? 2. Explain in your own words why that happens. 3. How many triangles are there when 'a' is longer than 'b'? Does angle 'A' matter then? 4. What conditions have to be true to get.... a. One Triangle b. Two Triangles c. No triangles (Hint look at the hint that appears when there are no solutions)