Olympic Performances Activity

1. Using the input bar on the bottom of the screen, type in the equation for the men's performances times and press return. This equation should show up in the left window as equation 'a' and be graphed in the right window (if you don't see it, you probably have the wrong equation). 2. Repeat step 1 for the women's equation (this will appear as equation 'b'). 3. Answer question #3 on your worksheet. 4. In the toolbar above the other two windows, should be three buttons: a mouse cursor, two curves meeting at a point, and a + sign with arrows pointing in all four directions. Press the middle button (the one with two curves meeting at a point), and then select your two equations by touching the graphs. This will create a point at their intersection that will show up in the left window. 5. Take a screenshot of your graph and insert it into your worksheet using the photo button on eBackpack. 6. Answer the remaining questions on your worksheet.