Volumes of Revolution

Chose you axis of roation, either vertical (x=...) or horizontal (y=...). Indicate the value below.[br]The green slide ([math]\theta[/math]) alows you to "close" or open your volume ([math]\theta=0[/math] means no volume, [math]\theta=360^{\circ}[/math] means volume completely shown).[br][br]The inside function should be the one closest to the axis of rotation, ouside function the further away. Be sure that the same function always remains the closest, the animation probably won't work otherwise)[br]Lower Bound and uper bound are your limits of integration.[br][br]If you want to use/visualise cross sections, use "Show slice", you can change the position of the slice using the slider s=...[br][br]If you want to use/visualise shells, use "Show Shell", you can change the position of the shell using the slider s=...

Information: Volumes of Revolution