Basic Trig -360 x 360

This is a blank page set for students to graph trig functions easily by plotting the points by using the point tool. When finished plotting the student should try to write the function graphed.

The degree symbol is require for graphing: sin(x°), cos(x°), tan(x°) {PC can use <alt><o> or symbol menu α } Available for all who desire to use...

Degrees vs Radians

Move the slider n to change the number of degrees or rays. This comparison displays the difference of 30 degrees and 30 radians. 0 <= n <= 3600

Creating a Unit Circle

The instruction in Graphic2 are instructions to create this applet on you desktop. Or you can erase and recreate in this window.

Have fun.

Find distance between Cities

Enter latitude of two cities on the same longitudinal line. The steps and work to find the distance will be shown and computed. This is designed to check homework problems.

Basic Terms in Geometry

This lessons reviews Basic Geometry Vocabulary with interactive displays of the vocabulary.[br][br]Point(s), Plane, Line, Segment, Ray, Angle, Side(s), Vertex, etc.
Additional resources to view:[br]Standard Position 01[br]Standard Position 01a[br]Coterminal Angles 01b

1st Definition of Trigonometry Functions

One way to define trigonometric function is by place a point in a coordinate plane allowing the distance to the origin to be a radius which determines the angle of the function.

Move the r slide to show the length of the ray is independent of the values of the sin, cos, and tan.

Trigonometric Identity Explorer

Basic Trigonometry Functions Reciprocal Identities Quotient Identities Pythagorean Identities Negative Angle Identities Sum and Difference Identities Cofunction Identities Double Angle Identities Product-to-Sum Identities Sum-to-Product Identities Half Angle Identities

Review these Identities